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HANSY || Midnight

Quietly shuffling through the halls he made his way down to the lower floor where Hermione, Ginny, and Pansy slept. He carefully placed his hand on door silencing it from creaking when he opened it before slipping through to the other side. The soft hums of their steady breaths filled the room as he tip toed to the bed next to Pansy. She looked so peaceful while she slept, but it was a very special moment and he wanted nothing more than to share it with her. Harry bent down gently stroking her arm attempting to wake her up, she stirred beneath his touch, as her eyes fluttered open. A soft smile appeared on his face as he intertwined their fingers motioning her to not make a sound. He conjured a warm jacket for her and grabbed a large blanket before quickly leaving the room hand in hand.

He moved gracefully through the house weaving around the furniture till they reached down the stairs. Harry still didn’t make a sound refusing to verbalize his excitement as they left the little house behind taking a step into the cold nippy night. Wrapping the blanket around her tightly he walked further into the night watching as the moonlight gently cradled her face exposing her beautiful complexion. He looked into her eyes squeezing onto her hand tightly whispering “take a breath” before they apparated. They twisted and turned around each other forming a perfect bond as they flew across the darkness.

When their feet landed firmly on the ground, Harry looked around smiling, he set up another blanket onto the cold winter snow, before sitting down besides her. Carefully looking over the city he grinned watching as the crowded streets stood still, the echoes of their voices vigorously climbed the side of the mountain filling their ears with the final count down. Harry looked at her smiling moving closer to her-

"10, 9, 8, 7…" he gently placed his hand around the nape of her neck "6, 5, 4…" leaning in closer he allowed their bodies to mold perfectly together staring deep into her eyes before closing them, their lips inches apart, the heat from her breath caressed his skin "3, 2…" then their lips finally met "1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!" The crowd cheered at the sight of a new year, his lips folded vividly around hers, remembering how they moved together in unison every time. Finally breaking away he smiled swiping his thumb gently across her cheek "Happy New Year Pansy" he whispered leaning in for another quick but meaningful kiss "there’s no one I’d rather start off the New Year with other than you" he groaned against her lips.

Harry looked at her tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear before kissing the top of her head. “I love you Pansy Parkinson…” he pulled a little black box from his pocket slowly opening to expose a petite ring topped with a beautifully cut diamond. “It’s my promise to you…a promise ring…” he whispered removing the ring as he held it carefully between his finger tips he gently took her hand in the other “I want to be yours if you’ll have me…I know this might be crazy but I’ve never felt this way about anyone other than you…in this short amount of time it feels as if we were put here on this earth for each other…” he pressed his lips into a firm line looking at her once again. “After our fight I realized that I don’t ever want to lose you, Pansy. It scares me everyday because you’re just amazing and you can be with anyone on this damn planet and yet you chose me…” he looked down contemplating his next words. “Marry me Pansy Parkinson…it doesn’t have to be tomorrow or next year or the year after that…I’ll wait for however long it takes, because you’re worth it…I love you” he looked down at her hand holding it tighter not wanting to ever let go. “Please say something?” he sheepishly looked up at her studying her face carefully for any sense of regret or uneasiness before taking a deep breath calming his nerves.